February 15/New York/NACS Online -- Monster Beverage will now list the caffeine amount on each can of its energy drinks, a move that is part of an overall label change, the Associated Press reports. Can labels will now contain nutritional information and not supplement data, as Monster follows federal guidelines.

The switch comes after increased attention from lawmakers on the energy drink category, with Congress asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to investigate how much caffeine is safe in such beverages. Three senators have asked energy beverage companies about their marketing and ingredients. Some energy beverages are under the dietary supplement category, such as Monster, while Red Bull is considered a traditional drink.

Monster Beverage has not said whether or not it will delete any ingredients from its formulas because of the label change. Usually, makers of dietary supplements can have discretion as to which ingredients are included, while regular beverages have to use only those ingredients approved by the FDA or recognized as “generally” safe.

Meanwhile, the FDA is still working on final rules for what qualifies as a beverage versus a dietary supplement.