Sartori Cheese in body

October 1/Plymouth, Wis. -- Sartori Cheese announced it will be offering a small release of its Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat cheese this holiday season. Along with the limited release, Sartori will unveil a freshly created video detailing the story of its award winning Extra-Aged Goat cheese.

"From its origins as milk on a great family farm in Wisconsin to the motivation that inspired Sartori master cheesemaker, Pam Hodgson, to try her hand at something new, Extra-Aged Goat cheese has a great story," says Sartori chief marketing officer, Chad Vincent. "With our release this October, Sartori will be introducing a new video at intended to educate folks on the colorful story surrounding this very special cheese."

A now-famous Sartori original, Extra-Aged Goat cheese is well balanced, featuring savory, caramel notes and a light citrusy flavor. Touted for its highly approachable, yet "authentically goat" flavor profile, this cheese was crafted to satisfy all from the tentative taster to the artisan cheese enthusiast.  

Sartori's Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat cheese will be available at select specialty cheese shops throughout the U.S. October through December.