October 15/New York/Marketwired -- Frontier Beverage Company Inc. has acquired holding company 22 Social Club Productions Inc. and its subsidiaries Blue 22 Entertainment and AppQwest LLC as it begins its expansion plans for growth of its current and future beverage products.

The company expansion model includes the growth of the Beverage Division and synergy with its newly acquired entertainment content development and mobile applications/social media development subsidiary.

Ruben Yakubov has stepped down as president and from the board of directors, and the company has hired Christopher Bailey as president and, along with Bailey, appointed William Coogan and Michael Jamison to the board of directors.

"The expansion model will focus on launching new Beverage products as we partner with our entertainment and technology subsidiaries for the creation of new entertainment contact for digital and mobile marketing for our drink products. The development of our entertainment content will enhance our marketing, advertising and sponsorship promotions through our mobile applications subsidiary which will increase revenues and profits," stated Bailey. Bailey brings nearly two decades of private and public company business experience. He founded a highly, successful marketing company with a global clientele and was instrumental in several IT and mobile application companies.

Upon acquiring 22 Social Club Productions and their subsidiaries, the issuance of the shares caused a change of company control.