March 4/Statesville, N.C./PRNewswire -- Bebida Beverage Company, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation drinks and energy products, has formed another corporate entity to capitalize on the first relaxation ice cream available to consumers.

BeBevCo will be a 35% equity partner in the newly formed Relaxation Solutions Inc. Additional private equity investors are currently in negotiations prior to the consumer market launch. The company believes this project has tremendous revenue potential. However, BeBevCo continues to commit its capital to its rapidly growing KOMA Unwind Relaxation Drink brand. 

BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber, who developed the company's flagship product, KOMA Unwind, commented, "I already have multiple major distribution partners calling me weekly as we move this project forward. It's very exciting. I have also begun the search for the perfect fit for a management team for Relaxation Solutions Inc., which will be headquartered in BeBevCo's corporate offices."

Additional announcements are pending on product name(s) and branding opportunities.

Weber expressed that the product(s) will initially come in vanilla and chocolate flavors infused with multiple blends of natural supplements and hemp. Chamomile is also under consideration to be used in future products. 

Weber added, "The opportunity to thoroughly explain our mission and core behind Relaxation Solutions Inc. will be shared with hundreds of people when I travel to Istanbul in the country of Turkey, for the eighth annual Global Dairy Congress in June."