Not long ago, the sweet potato was considered a seasonal, fall food that was mainly eaten at Thanksgiving. Today, this popular ingredient shows up year-round on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus. 


Food manufacturers now can make create the next on-trend application using convenient and economical Drum-dried Sweet Potato from Van Drunen Farms. Van Drunen Farms offers conventional or organic Drum-dried Sweet Potato in powder and flake forms.

This tasty root vegetable is versatile and works well in sweet and savory foods. Use Drum-dried Sweet Potato for sweet-and-salty snack foods, such as sweet potato chips or tortilla chips. It also works well in everything from bakery foods—such cookies, cakes, quick breads, and more—to breakfast items. These could include sweet potato pancakes, or, for a classic Southern dish, use it in sweet potato pie.

– Van Drunen Farms,