Compound Solutions Inc.’s TeaCrine is the world’s first and only nature-identical theacrine compound, designed to increase energy and enhance focus and concentration without fatigued crash or tolerance buildup. 


Theacrine is a purine alkaloid found primarily in Camellia Kucha tea leaves. With a molecular structure similar to caffeine, studies have shown that theacrine significantly enhances energy and does not result in a fatigued crash or lead to tolerance buildup. TeaCrine continues to provide the same significant benefits at the same dose over time.

Backed by science, the TeaCrine provides active individuals and athletes with pure, clean energy that lasts up to six hours. Unlike caffeine, TeaCrine enhances the mind/muscle connection, and allows for better post-recovery rest without a crash. This concentrated, nature-identical compound increases neural drive and works with the body’s natural metabolic processes to prepare the body for more intense, longer-lasting workouts.

The product activates dopaminergic receptors to help increase mental clarity, and improve mood and motivation, while reducing adenosinergic activity to increase the energy needed to perform. TeaCrine delivers a concentrated dose of pure theacrine (>98%) ideal for use in sports nutrition formulas and dietary supplements.

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