SmartCandy225.jpgSNAP Infusion launched SMARTCANDY, a better-for-you snack line created for generation z (school-aged consumers). The candy snack is available in varieties such as SMARTCANDY in FROOT Strawberry, FROOT Orange, Sweet Gummy and Sour Gummy.

Building on the success of SUPERCANDY, a product targeted toward the active millennial, Boston-based husband and wife team Eric and Andrea Stoll used their successful formula (flavor meets function) to create SMARTCANDY. They have brought to life a unique product with strategic retail partnerships to market the perfect snack for parents (and their kids) who don't want to compromise flavor for healthier alternatives.

"As parents of two active boys, we noticed a void in the market for a snack that was better for our kids and one that they would be equally excited about," says Eric Stoll, founder and president of SNAP Infusion. "Think Apple® meets Willy Wonka. SMARTCANDY is a delicious product packed with vitamins A, B and C – a unique blend of function to support a kid's daily activity while also delivering benefits for eyes, immunity and sustained energy levels. We put our heart and soul into the creation of this line and made sure that the FROOT product specifically met school food guidelines. We want to provide a healthy and delicious snack option that meets parents' nutritional criteria and also delivers on kids' nag factor."