Multi-talented gelatin has played diverse roles in many foods such as confections, dairy products, desserts, processed meats and beverages, as well as in pharmaceutical products. Collagen hydrolysate, a special type of gelatin, is becoming more important in the functional food industry for its purported health benefits.

The GELITA[r] Group, headquartered in Eberbach, Germany, offers a range of gelatins and collagen hydrolysates under the GELITA brand name. GELITA Collagen Hydrolysates provide both functionality and health-enhancing benefits to the growing functional food market. According to Oliver Wolf, corporate communications, GELITA Group, these collagen hydrolysates have been shown in clinical studies to improve joint mobility, form and build joint cartilage, help firm and make the joints more elastic, and enhance the formation of healthy skin, strong hair and nails.1,2,3 The collagen hydrolysates are comprised of a pure collagenous protein with a minimum level of salts.

The use of collagen hydrolysates in functional foods is expected to grow because the material has almost no allergenic potential, is completely digested by the body, has a neutral taste and color, and can be formulated into many food applications.

Gelatin is an excellent gel former, texturizer and stabilizer. It can act as a whipping agent and foam former. It also is used to clarify wines and fruit juices, and to intensify taste and color in some applications. In other situations, it helps seal in aromas, and can be used to increase a product's total protein content.

In contrast to gelatin, GELITA Collagen Hydrolysates do not gel. They have a low viscosity and because of this they are easy to process, can be dissolved in cold water and also can be used as foam-formers for such innovative and gourmet products as fruit foams (espumas) and vegetable sprays. In weight-control products, these collagen hydrolysates can increase product volume while adding relatively few calories. Additionally, due to their binding abilities, the ingredients sometimes can completely replace sugar in cereal snacks, while increasing protein content.

The benefits provided by collagen hydrolysates--formulation functionality combined with healthful properties--allows prepared foods to look and perform better, and may contribute to human health. NS

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