Micel™92 has unsurpassed flavor and mouthfeel properties. Due to its very high content of undenatured micellar casein (92% of the protein fraction), it is digested very slowly and ensures a sustained nitrogen release in the bloodstream.

Peptides resulting from the hydrolysis of micellar casein in the gut have been shown to have numerous functional properties. CDP™ (Complete Dairy Proteins) are ingredients that contain 90% of milk proteins in the same ratio as found in native milk.

The Try-Pro™ line of milk-based ingredients stems from five years of research and clinical studies in Europe. Currently sold in Western European markets, Try-Pro has been shown to enhance brain serotonin release. It comes in three varieties, addressing the following three symptoms: satiety (Try-Pro™ SAT), evening stress/ "windingdown" (Try-Pro™ NITE) and PMS (Try-Pro™ PMS).

Euro Proteins, Benoit Turpin, technical director, 973-702-3131, bturpin@europroteins.com