May 9/May 2011NutraSolutions “NutraNews”-- Updated and full of timely information, was relaunched on March 14, 2011. Visit the new site for:
• “Nutraceuticals in Processed Foods and Supplements,” by Claudia O’Donnell, chief editor. This article provides interesting observations on bold new products that target health conditions, as regulatory staffs influence ingredient choices.
•  Tammy Crowe, Ph.D., food industry consultant, provides suggestions as to specifications and operational guidelines to consider in all aspects of processing: “Importance of Standards in Assuring Good Quality Food Ingredients and Foods.”
• “New Research Identifies Good News for Metabolic Syndrome,” by Kelley Fitzpatrick, features the role of flax and walnuts in weight control.
•  White papers on Boswellian and USP Standards.

Check out the “Community” section, which provides an overview and links to philanthropic organizations that are contributing to health and wellness efforts globally. The new site features articles categorized by health condition, such as Immunity, Cognitive and Digestive Health, and ingredients, from Antioxidants to Vitamins--to enable easy navigation to access product development and research information.