Kona Gold Solutions, Inc., a hemp lifestyle brand, announced the shipment of HighDrate CBD Infused Energy Waters. The company’s new HighDrate CBD Energy Waters are available in four flavors including Watermelon, Tropical Coconut, Georgia Peach, and Kiwi-Strawberry. 

“We are extremely excited to finally have confirmation that our new HighDrate CBD waters have shipped and are on their way to our facility in Florida,” stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. “The response to HighDrate’s launch and pre-orders have exceeded our expectations with a few thousand dollars in pre-orders and over thirty wholesale and distribution inquiries, and our marketing efforts have not even begun.”

Clark continued, “Gauging the response the company has received, we strongly feel HighDrate is going to be a game-changing beverage in the industry, with an aggressive price point, mass market branding appeal, delicious flavors, and health benefits to boot.  HighDrate is poised to be the leader in the CBD and functional beverage sector.”