December 2011/NutraSolutions --New product developments for bone and joint health continue to remain relatively niche, worldwide. According to global new product launch activity tracked by Innova Market Insights in 2010, calcium and vitamin D are the two most widely used ingredients for new products for bone/joint health claims. Other ingredients being utilized for such claims, on a much smaller scale, include collagen peptides, glucosamine & chondroitin, vitamin K, MSM, devil’s claw and horsetail extract. The most popular market categories* for bone/joint health claims were dairy drinks (11.7%), yogurt (5.7%), hot chocolate (4.7%) and juice & juice drinks (3.7%). Magnesium is an ingredient which is gaining more association with bone/joint health, as it has been proven that low levels of magnesium can be a factor in developing osteoporosis. Magnesium is also renowned for its neuromuscular function in the body and may also be of benefit in sarcopenia prevention.
* Percentage of all products carrying a bone health claim.
-- Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights,,  


 Natural Mineral Fortification
TruCal®, from Glanbia Nutritionals, is a milk mineral complex from a natural dairy source. It offers an innovative approach to mineral fortification through its uniquely balanced mineral profile that is similar to the mineral ratios naturally found in bone. TruCal provides a source of magnesium, phosphorus and other trace minerals, in addition to dairy calcium to ensure optimum absorption by the body. The single-source ingredient adds value to a variety of nutritional solutions, including foods, beverages and supplement systems. TruCal is flavorless, contributing to clean-tasting, appealing end-products. Glanbia Nutritionals,

 Bone Health Enhancement
Healthy Enhancement is a term used by Univar’s Function Library to represent the food industry’s efforts to supplement products with key elements for nutritional value. Calcium and magnesium fortification have been popular for many years; fortification has expanded in complexity to include “five a day” minerals and vitamins for improving bone health or other conditions. Both fiber and a variety of milk and soy proteins are also being incorporated into food and beverage products for healthier versions of consumer favorites. Univar’s extensive portfolio of ingredients, from leading global suppliers, offers customers more options to achieve a successful formulation. Univar,,
 Protect and Rebuild
Cynatine®FLX, from Roxlor, is a revolutionary joint care ingredient comprised of solubilized keratin, a protein found naturally in the body. Cynatine FLX supplements the body with bioavailable keratin, which aids in protecting and rebuilding damaged joints. While other joint care products require large dosages and multiple ingredients, Cynatine FLX is effective as a stand-alone product at 500mg per day. Its four-fold action reportedly builds joint resilience; helps reduce inflammation; improves mobility; and protects the joints. Roxlor International, 302-778-4166,, 

 Daily D
Consumer demand for D vitamins is on the increase, and nutritional research and product development teams are both calling for increased intakes of vitamin D. With patented manufacturing processes, PAT Vitamins Inc. starts from the beginning, using wool grease and testing each batch for purity and quality. The company offers two forms of D vitamins: Vitamin D-2 from plant or vegetarian sources, and Vitamin D-3. They offer a full line of oil, spray-dried powder and microencapsulated-based products. PAT Vitamins Inc., 626-810-8886,, 

 Clear Calcium Phosphate
VersaCAL®Clear, from Innophos, is a highly soluble, new calcium phosphate that can be used in all beverage applications, but it has been specially formulated for clear beverages. As a calcium phosphate, VersaCAL Clear is a dual nutrient source (calcium and phosphorus). It has excellent clarity and solubility; no effect on color of finished product; is a bland, odorless powder; has no gritty or chalky mouthfeel; and a clean aftertaste. Innophos Inc., 609-495-2494,  NS