Prepared Foods and its NutraSolutions brand present this annual “Ingredients for Health” guide. It profiles commercially available ingredients and helps developers and formulators target various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures that make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section presents a comprehensive range of new offerings.

Categories include:

Antioxidants for Health

Bone & Joint Health

Cardiovascular Health

Cognitive Health

Digestive Health

Energy and/or Sports Performance


Weight Management

General Health


Alkalizing Citrates

Besides calcium and vitamin D, acid-base balance is one of the key nutritional concepts for bone health to be exploited. As we have evolved, our diet has changed from alkaline to acidic, leading to a leaching effect of alkaline minerals from the skeleton. Fortification with alkalizing citrates like Jungbunzlauer’s Tripotassium Citrate is the most promising strategy to mimic the health effect of organically bound minerals from vegetables and fruits. There is emerging evidence that Tripotassium Citrate significantly increases bone mineral density (BMD) and improves bone microarchitecture in healthy elderly people by neutralizing the acid load imposed by our modern diet.

Jungbunzlauer Inc.,


Collagen Peptides

It’s estimated that $3.5 billion is spent annually on bone and/or joint claims in United States. However, with the oldest Boomer population turning 70, and the first of the 80+ million Gen-Xers entering their 50s, this number is expected to double by 2030. Collagen peptides stimulate collagen synthesis, provide building blocks for the collagen in joints and prevent cartilage degradation. Multiple studies show supplemental collagen peptides are highly effective at mitigating arthritic joint pain and even reversing the breakdown of joints. Collagen peptides are a clear protein source, easily absorbed and digested and pure at more than 90% protein. With minimal or neutral taste and odor, plus cold-water solubility and heat stability, they can be easily applied to functional foods and beverages.

Nitta Gelatin NA Inc.,


Joint Care

Cynatine FLX is a revolutionary joint care ingredient comprised of functional keratin, a protein found naturally in the body. Cynatine FLX supplements the body with bio-available keratin, which aids in protecting and rebuilding damaged joints. While other joint care products require large dosages and multiple ingredients, Cynatine FLX is effective as a stand-alone product at 500mg per day.

— Roxlor International LLC,


Bone, Joint Health

GELITA’S FORTIGEL has been scientifically proven to stimulate measurably the synthesis of extracellular matrix and therefore the production of cartilage tissue. Thus, it counteracts wear and tear on joints caused by aging and excessive loading. New studies from 2015 prove the efficacy of 5g on healthy individuals with joint discomfort.  FORTIBONE stimulates osteoblast in the bones to increase production of extracellular matrix which is the essential framework for calcium mineralization. In addition, FORTIBONE regulates degenerative processes by reducing protease production in osteoclasts. This mechanism supports overall bone stability and flexibility.

Gelita USA,


Collagen with Calcium

Nutritional supplementation for people with osteoporosis has long been focused on calcium, vitamin D and recently vitamin K. However, all these approaches are addressing the calcium deficiency only. Calcium builds bone density but collagen builds the frame work for calcium to attach to. It is more like the skyscraper. Collagen is the steel frame, while calcium is the cement. AIDP’s patented KoACT collagen form is essential to improving bone flexibility, which helps bones absorb impact. Without it, even the strongest bones can crack, shatter or break, and running, jumping and other activities become painful. Although the body produces collagen naturally, its production diminishes with age. KoACT is a compound of collagen peptides and calcium. This unique ingredient was found to increase both bone strength and bone mineral density in a preclinical animal studies and a completed human study. It’s ideal in functional food applications such as bars.

AIDP Inc.,