Watson’s BetaClear is ideal for beverages and other solutions when minimum color contribution is desired. BetaClear 15% SD F080263 is an orange-red, free-flowing powder of encapsulated beta-carotene. Upon dissolution in water, BetaClear 15% SD F080263 forms a colloidal crystalline dispersion. It is a pro-vitamin source of vitamin A and contains the equivalent of 250,000 IU of vitamin A per gram. One gram contains a minimum of 150mg of beta-carotene. Watson’s BetaClear 15% SD F080263 powder is designed to provide a source of beta-carotene to RTD suspensions, such as meal replacement beverages, as well as nutritional bar products. It is particularly effective where muting of its intense, characteristic yellow/orange color is desired. It also provides a suitable source of beta-carotene for tablets and premixes. – Watson Inc., www.watson-inc.com  NS  
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