Pinnothin, cake, NutraNews
Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Pinnothin, a bioactive appetite suppressant derived from the oil of the Korean pine nut. Stepan Lipid Nutrition Inc. conducted thorough tests on Pinnothin in a randomized, double-blind crossover trial. Results demonstrated that Pinnothin can help suppress appetite and promote a feeling of fullness, thus providing satiety. The first study clearly showed that, within 30-60 minutes of taking a 3g dose of the ingredient in the form of oil or its natural metabolites, the release of the satiety hormone of cholecystokinin (CCK) was significantly increased in the bloodstream of test subjects, compared to the placebo. The natural metabolites of Pinnothin also significantly increased the release of another satiety hormone, glucagon-like peptide1 (GLP1). Both hormones send signals of satiety to the brain and are essential in regulating food intake. Prospective food intake was reduced after administration of the natural metabolites, as well. In the second study, participants given these compounds also showed a significant (9%) reduction in food intake and 7% reduction in caloric intake.
–Stepan Lipid Nutrition Inc.,