New research funded by Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Inc., and presented at the FASEB Experimental Biology 2012 conference in San Diego, adds to the body of emerging research on fibers, including additional support for the role of soluble corn fiber in bone health. Three new studies involved PROMITOR Soluble Corn Fiber and STA-LITE Polydextrose. These fibers been shown to have positive health benefits similar to and beyond those demonstrated for naturally-occurring intact fibers. Officials say studies show: (1) soluble corn fiber increases calcium absorption; (2) soluble corn fiber and polydextrose demonstrate gut-health benefits; and (3) soluble corn fiber is well-tolerated at and above recommended daily intake levels. A randomized, controlled crossover study of 20 healthy adults examined gut tolerance of soluble corn fiber at daily doses equivalent to and greater than daily recommendations. Current recommended daily intake is 25-38g/day; in this study, multiple doses of soluble corn fiber were administered as a single bolus dose and spread out in multiple doses throughout the day. Up to a 40g single dose of soluble corn fiber and a 65g daily total were well-tolerated among subjects. — Tate & Lyle,