This fall saw home fitness equipment maker Nautilus Inc., Vancouver, Wash., unveil several new products, including the Bowflex Body™ nutrition line. 

“Consumers expect innovative fitness products and solutions from Nautilus Inc., and our newest home fitness equipment and nutrition line continue this heritage while delivering options that make fitness achievable for everyone,” says Bruce Cazenave, CEO of Nautilus Inc. “These new products feature the latest technology and connectivity, and our new nutrition line satisfies a broad set of needs with proprietary formulas that provide great taste while burning fat and building muscle.”

Based on advanced science and proprietary formulas, officials say the Bowflex Body™ product line will help activate metabolism, support the immune system, build muscle, burn calories, provide energy and refuel the body. Created by renowned nutritional chemists, the Bowflex Body™ shake can be used as a pre- or post-workout energy booster, as well as a meal replacement with all the necessary nutrition.

The Bowflex Body™ product line ( includes a French Vanilla-flavored Fitness Shake that contains proteins, beneficial fibers, essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants. Meanwhile, officials say other offerings address weight loss or general wellness. These include a…

Rich Chocolate Fat Burner+ Shake Boost: Enhanced fat burning power and metabolism boost to aid in weight loss;

Mixed Berry Antioxidant+ Shake Boost: An antioxidant and immunity blend to protect the body and fight free radicals;

Peanut Butter Protein+ Shake Boost: A protein-rich formula to help stimulate muscle growth, increase energy and enhance performance.

The lineup also features two additional energy formulas: Pre-Workout Energy and Daily Energy. Pre-Workout Energy is a Berry Pomegranate-flavored formula designed to improve aerobic and anaerobic performance, promote recovery and provide powerful, fast-acting energy without the crash. A Passion Fruit-flavored Daily Energy formula provides long-lasting energy to enhance focus, improve aerobic performance and aid in sustained activity.