American Beverage Corporation, the manufacturer of the popular children's fruit drink brand Little Hug Fruit Barrels®, introduced HUG Fruit Slushee™, a frozen fruit slushy.

"Little Hug® has a 40-year heritage of providing fun fruit drinks for kids," said Molly Boras, Senior Director of Innovation at American Beverage Corporation. 


"We wanted to build on the success of the Hug brand by providing a delicious new product that would be a great value to moms and dads. We are very excited that the Hug brand is entering the frozen novelty segment. HUG Fruit Slushee™ is available in an easy-to-freeze pouch and has great-tasting flavors, making it the perfect frozen summertime treat for kids!"

Available in two tasty flavors, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, HUG Fruit Slushee™ is naturally-flavored and made with real fruit juice. The new, fruit beverages come in a convenient 8-ounce, grab-and-go pouch that is shelf-stable and ready to put in the freezer anytime your kids want a fruity, frozen treat. Simply Freez'em, Squeez'em, and Pleez'em! ™