The International Probiotics Association (IPA) announced that George Paraskevakos has been selected to serve as the IPA’s Executive Director and will be responsible for directing the activities of the probiotic association’s global alliances and expansion. Mr. Paraskevakos has been the president of the IPA’s Board of Directors and has served on the IPA’s board for 6 years. In addition to his work with the IPA, Mr. Paraskevakos has served as the Director of Business Development for Lallemand and led their development of new projects and markets to ensure the organizations continuity and sustainable growth. 


“We are excited to have George on board as our new Executive Director”, commented Michael Bush, the IPA’s Interim Board President, “George brings with him years of industry experience, global exposure and a great working relationship with many of the important players in the probiotic industry. We have aggressive goals for the IPA in the coming years and we are confident that George has the ability to move the organization to the next level and beyond.”

Mr. Paraskevakos’ passion for probiotics stems back before the years of his position at Lallemand. His accumulated background from the infancy of the global probiotic industry over time allowed him to become proficient in the world of micro organisms. His time at Lallemand reinforced his passion and allowed him to actively contribute to a burgeoning industry that probiotics has become today. Formerly working at various organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, George possesses a Masters of Business Administration from Queens U; where at the time he piloted a team from the university consulting at a global level with a Formula One racing team (BAR/Honda) on their management and branding issues.