Colors are used to enhance the appearance of food and make it preferable. The original color of the product fades when it is processed, which can be restored by the addition of food colorants. Food colors are widely used in applications such as beverages, bakery, confectionary, dairy products, and meat products. The North American food & beverage colorants market is dominated by synthetic colors, but is trending towards natural colors; this is because there is an increase in the health conscious consumers, who demands natural ingredients in food.

The North American food & beverages colorants market is estimated to be dominated by the U.S., followed by Canada in 2014. In U.S., with the rising incidences of foodborne illness and increasing demand for food products, the FDA and other regulatory bodies have incorporated stringent norms for food colors in North America. Poor-quality and synthetic colors can be prove unsuitable and hazardous for human consumption. Additionally, with increase in population, manufacturers are finding substitutes such natural colors to meet the rising demand and food safety norms. Thus, the food safety norms and increased production of the natural colors in North America are indirectly driving the market for food colors.

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