Gabriella's Kitchen announced its official launch in Los Angeles.

Angelenos can enjoy samples of guilt-free skinnypasta™ with their choice of flavorful sauces (classic marinara, spicy chipotle, roasted red pepper and tomato with garlic) at the skinnypasta™ food truck. Consumers can follow @skinnypasta and #lovepastaagain for regular updates on skinnypasta™ and the food truck's whereabouts.

After Gabriella Micallef, sister of CEO and Co-Founder, Margot Micallef, was diagnosed with cancer, the two Italian sisters experienced first-hand how marginalizing it can be to have to consume a special diet. Margot and Gabriella set out to develop foods that can be enjoyed by everyone, together and provide both exceptional nutrition and taste. The two officially founded the company as Hollywood Foods in 2007, and this year, Margot rebranded the company as Gabriella's Kitchen, in honor of her late sister.

Since its founding, the company has grown its distribution network to more than 600 retailers across Canada. skinnypasta™ is now available for purchase in Los Angeles at PINK Dot on Sunset Blvd or through the store's delivery service at

"With the success of Gabriella's Kitchen in the Canadian market, we are thrilled to be in Los Angeles where we can further our mission of changing the way the world eats," said Gabriella's Kitchen CEO, Margot Micallef. "We hope to contribute to the Better-For-You revolution and empower consumers to encourage local retailers to carry healthier options like our nutritious and delicious skinnypasta™."

Gabriella's Kitchen currently carries skinnypasta™ High Protein fresh pastas, skinnypasta™ Superfood fresh pastas, and skinnypasta™ Gluten Free prepared meals. All products are crafted on authentic Italian equipment in Toronto. skinnypasta™ Superfood is the first and only pasta to use teff, a unique superfood that is naturally gluten-free, high in protein and rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium and resistant starch. skinnypasta™ has found a way to recreate the comforting taste and texture of pasta with added health benefits and increased nutritional value, so that everyone can Love Pasta Again™.