Jack Link's®, known for meat snacks that help feed your wild side, has a new, bold flavor to tantalize taste buds and "pork" up snack time: Korean BBQ Pork Flame-Grilled Jerky.

One-of-a-kind flame-grilled jerky

Using an innovative cooking technique new to the jerky category, Korean BBQ Pork Jerky is finished over an open flame. The result?

• A feast for the eyes: See the authentic flame edge on each piece of Korean BBQ Pork Jerky.

• A feast for the nose: Direct access to the flame provides an authentic aroma to the product, highlighting the flavors prior to tasting them.

• A feast for the tongue: The sweet pork flavor contrasts with double toasted sesame seeds and caramelized brown sugar.

"Jack Link's loves to introduce jerky flavors that are adventurous and deliver on great flavor; Korean barbecue has been a flavor we've been perfecting over the last several years," said Mike Gerber, vice president of research and development at Jack Link's. "We were inspired by bulgogi, the classic way to cook Korean barbecue. To develop that authentic Korean flavor, our jerky lightly touches the flames throughout the grilling process. We even double toasted our sesame seeds to provide a unique and authentic experience sure to feed your wild side."