Good Karma Foods, makers of the leading flaxmilk non-dairy beverage, has undergone a complete rebranding, including a new logo, with a new website that launched in late January. The logo is inspired by the optimistic nature of the Good Karma brand and features an approachable font and friendly smile to reflect this tone. The new positioning also foreshadows the company initiatives and planned growth for the future.

The rebrand is the first broad-strokes move for Good Karma Foods since bringing in new leadership under CPG veteran, Doug Radi, the company’s CEO. “By updating our identity, we are reintroducing Good Karma to our core audience, while inviting non-dairy consumers who may not be familiar with the power of flax to give us a try,” said Radi. “Good Karma isn’t just our brand name, it’s the inspiration for everything we do. We hope to inspire positive, rippling acts of goodness every day and want to present the brand in a way that more closely reflects our values.”

According to Mintel, Inc., milk alternatives control just eight percent of overall milk sales in the United States, but for the past few years, they’ve represented the fastest growing part of the dairy market. Sales of non-dairy milk are expected to continue outpacing dairy milk at least through 2018.

While the majority of the growth has been in almond, soy and rice milk sales, this booming demand from consumers bodes well for up–and-coming options such as flaxmilk. Good Karma offers consumers a nutritious, mild-tasting, dairy alternative that is free from the top eight allergens.

It also provides the health benefits of flaxseed – 1200 mg Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids per serving. Good Karma Flaxmilk can be used in many recipes that call for dairy milk.

In addition to the updated look for Good Karma’s traditional flaxseed milk, the brand will enter the cultured beverages category with a probiotic beverage, initially at Whole Foods Market in January, then expanding nationally shortly thereafter.

Good Karma Flaxmilk is currently available in conventional and natural food markets nationwide in five Flaxmilk flavors: Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened, Flaxmilk Unsweetened Original + Protein and Flaxmilk Unsweetened Vanilla + Protein. Good Karma Flaxmilk retails at $3.99 - $4.49 MSP, depending on the flavor. For more information, please visit