Zola Fruits of the World™ announced the release of two new products, Chocolate Coconut Water and Acai with Mango and Chia.

The ability to identify consumer demand and recognize the needs of growing categories has been the key to Zola's continued success.

"We are excited to launch Zola's new Chocolate Coconut Water," said Chris Cuvelier, Zola's founder and CEO. "The delicious taste is a satisfying treat that delivers the hydrating benefits of Coconut Water with only 11 grams of sugar and just 50 calories per serving." Zola Coconut Water with Chocolate will initially be available in 17.5oz cans starting in March.

Zola has also released a new Acai Juice with Mango and Chia.

"We have been watching the growth of the chia category and believe chia blended with Acai creates a nutritional powerhouse," said Cuvelier. "The tropical flavor profile of mango and the addition of organic ground chia is a direct response to consumer and retailer demand for more delicious chia products in a rapidly expanding category."

Zola Fruits of the World™ is a brand platform that has successfully extended across multiple product categories in both natural and conventional grocery. The company will soon be announcing new distribution as well as expansion of its team as it continues to drive sales and expand its distribution footprint.