Del Monte Foods announced plans for conversion to non-BPA packaging and an increase in non-GMO product offerings. These moves, which represent a majority of the company’s products, come as a direct response and commitment toward meeting the evolving preferences of many consumers and ensuring that all consumers are empowered to make the most informed decisions.

Starting with the company’s fresh pack production in 2016, which begins in May and runs through October, all Del Monte® fruit and tomato products, as well as nearly 100% of vegetable products found under the Del Monte® brand will convert to non-BPA linings.

Del Monte has also made significant progress in offering non-GMO products. While the fruits, vegetables and tomatoes in Del Monte products have always been non-GMO, some added ingredients for sweeteners or flavorings have traditionally been sourced from genetically modified crops like corn or soybeans. In 2016 all added ingredients in all Del Monte vegetables, fruit cups and most tomato products will be non-GMO, representing a majority of its product line (154 products in total). In 2015, Del Monte began the process of verifying non-GMO ingredients from suppliers, and, where necessary, sourcing replacement non-GMO ingredients, and successfully labeled 70 vegetable and tomato products as non-GMO. All non-GMO Del Monte products will be clearly labeled.

“Today’s announcement marks a significant progression for the brand,” said Nils Lommerin, Chief Executive Officer for Del Monte Foods. “These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to providing high quality fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, and meeting evolving consumer preferences. Our non-GMO and non-BPA milestones are the direct result of great dedication and major contributions from many people inside Del Monte as well as our suppliers and other partners.”