Long Island Iced Tea Corp., a company focused on the ready-to-drink tea segment in the beverage industry, announced the company was issued US Trademark Reg. No. 4,943,056 for Long Island Iced Tea® on the Supplemental Register, on April 19, 2016 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Long Island Iced Tea® is the company’s flagship brand. The registration solidifies the company’s legal ownership of the mark Long Island Iced Tea® for use in marketing and other business related matters – a mark that has been in continuous use since 2011.

The registered trademark covers the following Goods and Services Class Code:

• Beverages Made Of Tea; Beverages With A Tea Base; Fruit Teas; Tea-based Beverages; Tea-Based Beverages With Fruit Flavoring, In Class 30 (U.S. CL. 46).

Philip Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Long Island Iced Tea Corp., commented, “The issuance of this Trademark further protects our recognized brand Long Island Iced Tea®.”