The Quaker Oats Company, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc., is encouraging fans to explore overnight oats – a cool way to help start the day.

Overnight oats are prepared in three easy steps but can be enjoyed in endless flavor varieties, and offer 100% whole grains to help kick start the morning. In a portable container, simply combine Quaker Old Fashioned Oats with milk, yogurt or any dairy alternative, add a layer (or two) of preferred toppings, and place in the refrigerator to soak before heading to bed. The next morning, a chilled, on-the-go breakfast will be ready to enjoy. Plus, the dry oats prepared with 1 cup of fat-free milk provides 15 grams of protein to help fill you up.

For nearly 140 years, Quaker has delivered the goodness of oats through its core foundation of hot cereal offerings. Now, the brand is taking oats out of the pantry and into the refrigerator with the resurgence of an age-old tradition: overnight oats. As an expert in oats, Quaker helped revitalize overnight oats in 2015 and continues to be at the forefront of the trend that's here to stay. According to the latest Food Trends report from Google, the cool morning meal is on track to make a big splash in 2016, and Quaker will share new overnight oat recipes, tips, how-to videos and other inspirational content throughout the summer to help oatmeal lovers continue to uncover all the "chilled" ways to enjoy Quaker Old Fashioned Oats.

"Last summer, we saw overnight oats take over the Pinterest community, and people are now searching for overnight oat recipe inspiration twice as often as they were a year ago," said Joe Silverman, senior marketing director, Quaker Foods North America. "We're excited to see families continue to have fun with the versatility of oats, especially since this on-the-go breakfast provides such an easy solution for busy mornings and a tasty way to enjoy oats."