Good Health®, creator of crunchy snacks that make it easy to make better choices, launched two new savory snack varieties, including Veggie Pretzels and Gluten Free Pretzels. Joining Good Health’s existing family of flavorful, crispy snacks, the new products each boast trending good-for-you ingredients like Extra Goodness!™ – a unique blend of vitamins and real veggies that delivers powerful nutrition with 2.5 cups broccoli (25% vitamin A); 1 beet (10% vitamin C); 5 tomatoes (15% vitamin E); 7 cups spinach (20% vitamin B6); 2 carrots (20% vitamin K) per serving. Good Health’s new varieties will begin hitting shelves nationwide in July 2016.

“Helping families make truly good decisions when it comes to snacking without feeling like they’re sacrificing taste is at the core of everything we do at Good Health,” said Mary Schulman, vice president of strategy at Good Health. “Perfect for modern families, our crunchy, mouthwatering pretzels give the snack category pizzazz by offering tasty gluten free options for those with and without gluten intolerances, as well as the excitement of Extra Goodness!™ perfectly blended and undetected by kids and adults – all while still delivering the nutrition they need. We’re eager to share these crave-able, downright delicious innovations with our retail partners, buyers and consumers alike.”

Free of hydrogenated oils, preservatives, trans fat and artificial colors, Good Health’s new pretzels are a way to indulge in some of America’s traditional favorite snack varieties without being weighed down by guilt. Using better-for-you ingredients like whole grains and real veggie blends, Good Health’s new products include:

· Veggie Pretzels – thick pretzel sticks that contain the powerful nutrition of veggies in each bite, in addition to Extra Goodness!™, and are sprinkled with Himalayan salt renowned for its health benefits and high mineral content.

· Gluten Free Pretzels – Certified Gluten Free pretzel twists made with Extra Goodness!™, whole grain brown rice flour, bamboo plant fiber and added vitamins that create a satisfying salty, crunchy bite.