Waterloo Brewing Company, the craft brewing division of Brick Brewing Co. Limited, announced the first of several one-time offers that will be included within its new Brewmeister Series; a collection of distinctly different and unique small-batch brews crafted for the informal beer drinker.

"At one time, all beers were sour to some degree," said Bill Henry, Director of Brewing, Quality and Logistics at Brick Brewing. "But the real trick to crafting a well-balanced sour wheat ale is ensuring it's still tart, yet somewhat fruity, and highly effervescent, with no residual sweetness," added Henry.

"This sour's effervescent qualities, are best captured when served in a wide-rimmed chalice to allow the ale to foam, almost like Champagne," said Sean Dennis Director of Marketing at Brick Brewing. "And if you're looking for that right food to pair with, grilled shrimp or white fish on the BBQ is perfect," added Dennis.

Draught and 473mL tall cans of Waterloo Sour Weisse are exclusive to the Kitchener-Waterloo region and the Waterloo Brewing Retail Store located at 400 Bingemans Centre Drive in Kitchener, Ontario.