DDW, “The Color House,” introduces a new food color derived from a purple corn hybrid cultivated in the US.

The non-GM, kosher coloring delivers a vibrant red to purple hue, depending on pH, with a clean, neutral taste. Food and beverage companies may simply list “purple corn juice color” or “colored with vegetable juice” on ingredient statements. DDW’s customers will benefit from the innovative color’s safe, sustainable, traceable and transparent supply chain.

DDW will employ water extraction of the purple corn color at its manufacturing facility in Port Washington, Wis. Samples are available. Applications for the anthocyanin coloring include juice drinks, energy/sports drinks, some enhanced waters, fruit preparations, yogurt, salad dressing, snacks, cereals, and confectionery products.

“Our customers prefer documented control from seed to sale, and we’re excited to provide a new solution using a domestic crop that’s a sustainable, scalable source of color,” says Elaine Gravatte, president and chief operating officer, DDW Inc.

A prototype of DDW’s purple corn color received the NEXTY award for “Best New Ingredient” at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West event in March. DDW also featured the innovation at the 2016 IFT Food Expo in Chicago. At a future date, the company will expand availability to regions outside of North America.

DDW’s mission is to enhance the visual appeal of food and beverages. Nature provides the raw materials while DDW adds 150 years of color expertise. The brilliant partnership offers a complete range of natural coloring, coloring foods, caramel color and burnt sugar with the required stability for your application. A trusted provider of color solutions for the food and beverage industry, the company now operates 11 manufacturing sites on 5 continents for customers in 100 countries.

Visit www.ddwcolor.com for more details.