With many Canadians choosing more humanely raised meats this summer, Canadian owned Blue Goose has answered the call with another summertime favorite. Now available at all Sobeys locations in Ontario, consumers can purchase Blue Goose's Certified Humane Chicken Wieners.

A compliment to a healthy meal on the grill

Blue Goose's chicken wieners are made from Ontario raised chickens, on farms that do not use antibiotics, animal by-products or any added hormones. For those looking for a healthy take on a classic summer option, Blue Goose Chicken Wieners are a choice.

A Certified Humane option

Blue Goose's Chicken Wieners are part of the Certified Humane program. As a Certified Humane product, Blue Goose guarantees that its chickens meet the Humane Farm Animal Care Program International Standards, which includes nutritious diets without antibiotics, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, and sufficient space and ability to engage in natural behaviors.

"Being part of the Certified Humane program aligns with our core mission as a company, and our belief that if you look after your land and animals, they will look after you" says Blue Goose CEO Ben Nikolaevsky. "We're proud to now offer Ontario's first Certified Humane Chicken Wiener, and hope to continue to bring more humanely raised options to Canadian shoppers".

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