This September, Riviana Foods Inc., celebrates National Rice Month with a variety of new products in its popular Minute® Ready to Serve Rice product line. Known for its ease of use and convenience, Minute Ready to Serve Rice now includes a new whole grain blend, Brown Rice & Quinoa, as well as globally inspired Basmati Rice, and Family Size Bowls in whole grain brown and white rice options.

Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice & Quinoa combines two 10% whole grains — brown rice and red quinoa — creating a nutty and slightly crunchy product that is versatile enough to eat alone or in other meals such as salads or even breakfast options. Brown Rice & Quinoa is made with quinoa, an ancient grain containing all nine essential amino acids. Ready in just 60 seconds, it's the only product available of its kind in a single-serve cup similar to other Minute Ready to Serve varieties with the added benefits of being a good source of fiber and gluten-free.

An additional new, single-serve option is Minute Ready to Serve Basmati Rice. With its aromatic fragrance, nutty flavor and 60-second heating time, Basmati Rice can serve as a simple side dish or foundation to any Asian, Middle Eastern and traditional dish.

Minute Ready to Serve Rice Family Size Bowls are another new convenient option in the Minute Rice family of products. Available in two 16-ounce, gluten-free varieties including whole grain brown rice and white rice, Family Size Bowls are microwave-ready in just two minutes and serve three to four family members, making it a no-fuss side dish or foundation to a great weeknight meal that can be served straight from the bowl with no clean-up. Family Size Bowls help make fried rice and stir-fry dishes even easier, too, since the rice is fully cooked and just needs heating.