MALK Organics announced its creamy plant-based beverages are now available in more than 1500 stores across the nation, expanding to 24 states.

August Vega, a mom who was diagnosed with a dairy allergy as a child, went on a mission to find the most beneficial substitute available when her son was diagnosed with the same allergy. The search led her to discover most dairy alternatives have carrageenan or synthetic vitamins and very little whole food. Soon after, Vega decided to make MALK Organics her mission and her work.

“The support and growth we’ve seen since we began MALK Organics in 2014 has been tremendous, and we attribute that to a change in the awareness of consumers and demand for truly clean food. We pour our hearts into every bottle, and consumers can taste it with every sip,” said Vega, MALK Organics CEO. “What started as a homemade, family operation making alternative milk for my family is now a nationally recognized brand.”

With a natural sweetness and nutty flavor, each MALK product is guaranteed to be 100% organic and is made with more than one cup of sprouted and organic nuts per bottle. Each product is cold-pressed to prolong shelf life while retaining maximum freshness and only contains minimal, yet high quality ingredients – no binders, fillers, carrageenan, gums, thickeners, nor any scientific experiments go into the products. The ingredients are simple and are carefully sourced for both the consumer and the environment. Each product uses six or less organic ingredients, each of which provides the consumer with amazing health benefits.

“We are on a mission to create a clean food movement and truly believe that simple, organic ingredients create the most delicious food,” said Vega.

MALK Organics comes in six flavors – Unsweetened Almond, Vanilla Almond, Maple Pecan, Unsweetened Cashew, Chocolate Pecan and Pecan Cold Brew – but flavor availability varies per store. Whole Foods Market, a major supporter and proponent of the brand’s innovative products, will soon carry exclusive MALK Organics flavors, while Kroger will offer its customers the three original flavors (Unsweetened Almond, Vanilla Almond, Maple Pecan). By developing partnerships with these large retailers, MALK Organics is leading the charge in providing the purist and most nutritious milk alternatives on the market.