noosa yoghurt announces noosa Blooms for Bees a long-term commitment to support honey bees through an alliance through Bee Friendly Farming, a program that provides guidelines for farmers and growers interested in promoting pollinator health on their land​. This multi-year investment will help expand Bee Friendly Farming, a program of the Pollinator Partnership (P2), created to help pollinators thrive in agricultural landscapes.

Honey bees are valuable to the nation’s crops and economics, contributing approximately $24 billion to the U.S. economy each year. According to the US Department of Agriculture, colony collapse disorder has decreased the total number of managed honey bee colonies from about 5 million in the 1940s to about 2.66 million today, with bees continuing to die out due to a combination of pesticide misuse, mites, loss of habitat and other nutritional and health problems.

Noosa Blooms for Bees is a multi-year program dedicated to creating new bee buffer zones— small plots of land dedicated to honey bee health. Starting with a donation of $30,000, noosa Blooms for Bees will create new bee buffers in Colorado – including one at the noosa farm HQ in Bellvue, CO. A consumer cause marketing program is planned for 2017 and it will be supported, on-pack, at retail, targeted advertising and through PR.

"Honey bees play a vital role in agriculture, and no one knows that better than noosa and their farmers which is why we are thrilled to partner with them in creating much needed honey bee habitat," Kelly Rourke, Program Manager, Bee Friendly Farming.

All of noosa’s 23 flavors (except plain noosa) are infused with wildflower honey, giving it the perfect balance of sweet and tart that balances with the yoghurt’s thick, velvety texture.

“Wildflower honey is a key ingredient that makes noosa so special and delicious,” said noosa co-founder Koel Thomae. “We’re dedicated to sourcing high-quality American honey, so protecting honey bees in Colorado and beyond is our mission and an important part of our DNA.”

To further celebrate National Honey Month, the brand is also erecting an 18x18-foot, high-impact billboard in downtown Denver (at 14th Street and Arapahoe Street), made of more than 3,200 noosa lids. In addition, the brand’s yoghurt foils will feature a variety of 12 honey bee-inspired messages to help spread the buzz about upcoming honey bee activities. In addition, noosa will donate $5,000 to Beeyond the Hive, the brand’s family-owned Colorado honey supplier. This donation will fund a honeybee research initiative through the organization’s relationship with Colorado State University.