It's not often that a new roast is introduced by illy, the family-owned company known for its scientific and artful approach to all things coffee. With the US launch of illy Extra Dark Roast, the company takes a bolder approach to the world-renowned illy blend of 100% Arabica from coffee growers around the world.

The researchers at illy headquarters in Trieste, Italy spent months testing combinations of roasting temperatures, and roasting and cooling times, to achieve a precisely targeted aroma and flavor profile that would create a uniquely balanced, signature longer-roasted coffee lacking in the current premium coffee marketplace.

The new illy Extra Dark Roast offers an intense aroma with enticing notes of toasted bread, caramel and a finish of dark chocolate. It is available in illy's proprietary, pressurized 250 gram cans optimized to ensure freshness, ground ideally for at-home filter, drip and French Press preparation.

"The extra dark roast market has for years been saturated with over-roasted beans, marked by an unpleasant, overly bitter taste," said Mark Romano, Senior Vice President of Quality, Education, and Sustainability for illy North America. "There are over 1,000 flavors and aromas that emerge as coffee is roasted. It takes skill, experience and scientific knowledge to push the parameters without burning beans, and create appealing aromas and flavors. We have achieved this goal with new illy Extra Dark Roast."