Superfoods will soon see a distinct shift toward more diverse categories, driven by increasing health-consciousness, according to consumer insight firm Canadean, London.

The report, “Superfoods in FMCG,” finds that consumers are more conscious of their health than ever before, and aim to proactively improve it through healthy living rather than reactively through the use of conventional medicines. This health-consciousness, in conjunction with consumer willingness to experiment, explains the development of superfoods into uncommon sectors, allowing products typically not associated with health to benefit from the inclusion of superfood ingredients.

“Our research shows that 63% of consumers believe plant botanicals or extracts will have a positive impact on their health,” says Lia Neophytou, associate analyst. “The increasing trust that consumers have for formulations, including superfood extracts, is therefore widening the possibility for manufacturers to incorporate superfood ingredients within their products across several sectors.”

Additionally, as unprocessed goods hold an allure for health-conscious consumers, products formulated with the lowest possible number of ingredients are appealing. This drives the inclusion of superfoods across fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors, given that they are antioxidant-rich, high in nutrients and capable of delivering multiple benefits using fewer ingredients.

“Though superfoods are mostly utilized by manufacturers within food and drink products, there is growing evidence of superfood products emerging within alternative sectors, according to Canadean’s research,” Neophytou adds.