Zubin Mehta, the former CEO of Nourish Snacks, announced the launch of Born Wild Brands. Under his leadership and alongside several CPG veterans and partners, the new firm will focus exclusively on incubating and partnering with emerging food and beverage brands. The firm will be focused on developing inspirational, disruptive brands and partnering with passionate, visionary early-stage entrepreneurs to help them execute on their visions.

"There has never been a better time to launch or build a food and beverage brand, and at the same time, the barriers to entry to start a business have never been lower – resulting in a highly competitive space," said Founder of Born Wild Brands, Zubin Mehta. "Our goal is to partner with visionary founders and entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools, guidance and a nuanced, in-depth understanding of how the market really works to help them ensure success."

Through a hands-on, focused approach, Born Wild Brands will work with founders and entrepreneurs on all aspects of their businesses. As former founders, operators, investors and bankers, the team at Born Wild Brands understands companies from all ends of the spectrum and are uniquely qualified to position our companies for long-term growth, sustainability and success.