Buda Juice® announced that it has opened an E-Store on its website and now ships nationwide. Buda Juice is certified organic, fresh, unprocessed cold-pressed juice in glass bottles, available to consumers coast to coast.

Shoppers at http://shop.budajuice.com can select from one, two or three day cleanses or choose from any six Buda Juices. Prices range from $10 to $12 per 16-ounce bottle and $65 for a one-day cleanse to $195 for a three-day cleanse.

Buda Juices are:

Certified organic — Buda Juice gets all ingredients straight from organic farmers and all produce is USDA certified organic. There are no pesticides or GMOs blended into a Buda Juice. Buda Juice's direct relationships with farmers means that all the produce is fresh — the vegetables and fruits go straight onto the refrigerated truck to the refrigerated kitchen and the company's presses, without sitting on trucks or supermarket shelves for days or weeks.

Cold-pressed — Buda Juice state-of-the-art kitchens in both Dallas and Toronto are 35°F year round and the company is SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) certified and Juice HACCP certified meaning they hold themselves to the highest industry standards. All ingredients are kept refrigerated from farm to bottle to the consumer, so that there's an unbroken cold chain—the only juice company to do so. Once bottled, Buda Juice ships with ice packs or delivers in refrigerated trucks. Cold slows down the oxidation process, maximizing nutrients and enzymes.

Glass bottles — Buda Juice believes in glass bottles, which mean a low environmental impact, and also help to retain the flavors. Glass is 100% natural, 100% recyclable. Plastic is made from chemicals, can mimic hormones, and cannot be recycled back into bottles. Plastic is also known to leach compounds when paired with citrus and other foods. Buda Juice believes in recycling and donates its organic pulp to local farmers.

Raw and Unprocessed — Never processed or pasteurized in any way nor contaminated by pes-ticides or chemicals with no HPP (high pressure processing) to extend the shelf life of its juice, each hand-squeezed bottle of Buda Juice is full of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and raw energy just as nature intended.