Jamba, Inc. launched its new line of organic, non-GMO, ready-to-drink Cold Pressed Juice Blends. The new product is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide consumers with better-for-you beverage choices. The product comes bottled for on-the-go convenience.

The launch of Jamba Organic Cold Pressed Juice Blends represents the next phase of Jamba’s successful, accelerated juice expansion initiative, which the company announced in 2013. Founded in 1990 as “Juice Club” Jamba has leveraged its heritage as a leader in blending and juicing and has re-established itself as a key player in the highly competitive juice category.

In May, 2013, Jamba piloted an innovative line of made-to-order, freshly-squeezed juices blended with whole foods like kale, apples, cucumbers, oranges and chia seeds. The line was tested in a small set of California stores. By June 2014, Jamba had become the leading retailer of made-to-order freshly-squeezed juice, with product availability in over 500 stores. Jamba made-to-order juice is now available in over 700 stores across the U.S. as the Company continues to make healthier beverages available to the masses. Jamba credits its success in made to order juice to its leadership in developing great recipes and ongoing product innovation.

In the highly-competitive Los Angeles juice market, Jamba is gaining market share. Jamba sold over 84% more servings of fresh-served juice than the two closest competitors in that market during the second quarter of 2015. Jamba also moved into the number one position in juice brand recall during the same quarter.

The company launched its Cold Pressed Juice line in late 2014 in select markets and is currently expanding availability on a national level. The new Organic Cold Pressed Juice Blends mark the next phase of Jamba’s accelerated expansion of juice products. Jamba Organic Juice Blends are high pressure processed (HPP), a method that maintains the flavor of raw fruits and vegetables. Like all Jamba products, the new Organic, non-GMO Juice Blends are delicious, and they come in six great-tasting flavors: Organic Tropical Greens, Organic Orange Reviver, Organic Cayenne Lemonade, Organic, Organic Mango Limeade and Organics True Greens.

“The launch of Jamba Organic, non-GMO Cold Pressed Juice Blends marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment toward addressing consumer’s growing desire for healthier beverages,” stated Julie S. Washington, chief marketing and innovation officer, Jamba, “The high-pressure processing ensures a safe product while protecting nutrients and flavor, and the bottled format provides consumers with on-the-go convenience and a great-tasting way to get more fruits and vegetables into their diets.”