Henry's Hard Soda recently introduced Henry's Hard Grape Soda. Hard Grape joins other Henry’s varieties, which include Hard Ginger Ale, Hard Orange and Hard Cherry Cola.

Henry's Hard Grape Soda is 4.2% alcohol by volume and offers a grape taste with citrus undertones; a balance of sweet and tart.

"It's been a great first year for Henry's Hard Soda, and we could not be more excited to welcome Hard Grape into to the family. It's a flavor that our fans have been calling for, and one we are thrilled to give them," said Josh Wexelbaum, MillerCoors marketing director of emerging brands. "We continue to stay on-top in the hard soda category because we are committed to bringing Generation-Xers an adult spin on flavors they know and love."

With the launch of Hard Grape, Henry's Hard Soda continues to solidify its position in the market, while showcasing its commitment to taste and flavor exploration as it continues to bring drinkers a modern and adult twist on their favorite flavors.