The gummy supplement contains natural colorants and no preservatives or artificial colors. It has a natural orange flavor and comes in either a teddy bear or star shape. Most gummies contain gelatin, but the growing demand for vegetarian products—together with the fact that all Anlit products are certified kosher and halal—led the company to replace gelatin with pectin.

Officials say Anlit’s gummy technology overcomes the challenges of the unpleasant flavor and aroma associated with many curcumin supplements. Anlit also uses a unique technology to produce the pectin-based turmeric gummy by using a clean, starch-free, molding system forming a tender, textured gum.

“There are only a few turmeric gummies in the marketplace, but Anlit’s unique technology allows for the incorporation of a substantial dose of curcumin—30 mg—in synergy with 150mcg of piperine per gummy, without affecting taste or texture,” says Shai Karlinski, Anlit vice president of sales and marketing.

Originally appeared in the April, 2017 issue of Prepared Foods as form + function: New functional foods, drinks & supplements.