Wewalka, a European dough producer, introduced a refrigerated dough product to the US market - the 1st refrigerated Flatbread dough sold here. This is an addition to a premium line of ready-to-bake dough products that combine authentic European bakery quality with improved convenience and taste.

Wewalka Flatbread Dough and all other dough products in the assortment are prepared in the European bakery tradition with high-quality ingredients and contain no artificial colors or flavors, no bleached flour, no hydrogenated oil and no high-fructose corn syrup. Packaged with a parchment paper liner, these products give consumers a new, more convenient way to make bakery style creations right in their own kitchens.

All Wewalka’s products now come in upscale packaging, and are available in the refrigerated dough section of grocery stores.  Besides “Classic Pizza,” the line includes four innovations new to the US market:

Wewalka Flatbread Dough: The flatbread dough is refrigerated and ready to use. Wewalka Flatbread Dough is made with unbleached, pure wheat flour.

Wewalka Danish Pastry Dough: This versatile innovation is a Danish dough. It is made of 36 folded layers of sweet yeast dough and is a foundation for baking up croissants, sweet rolls, and other delicious pastries.

Wewalka Puff Pastry Dough: Wewalka Puff Pastry Dough is a refrigerated puff pastry dough. Sixty-four thin layers of dough bake into an airy and flaky pastry, ideal for sweet or savory recipes.

Wewalka Bistro Pizza Dough: Made with European olive oil and real yeast, this thin and crispy crust is the first round refrigerated pizza dough in the US.

Wewalka Classic Pizza Dough: Also made with European olive oil and real yeast, this hearty dough is family-sized.