Garden Fresh Gourmet® introduced a suite of unique salsa and hummus combinations that meet consumer demand for more flavor variety. The new Garden Fresh Gourmet products include three salsa varieties with distinct texture and taste profiles, as well as two collections of hummus that include six flavorful, chef-inspired blends.

According to Garden Fresh Gourmet's recent national consumer survey, Americans are split with 54% preferring a spicy salsa while 28% prefer savory, 12% sweet and 6% fruity. The divide continues with 67% of Americans on "team chunky" versus 34% on "team blended." The three new Garden Fresh Gourmet salsas deliver on consumers' diverse salsa preferences, and include the following flavors:

Restaurant Style Salsa (Mild, Medium, Hot) – a classic red salsa that combines traditional ingredients like tomatoes, onion and cilantro with varying amounts of jalapeno for three levels of heat; available in both organic and conventional

Mango Salsa – a refreshing mix that combines chunks of sweet mango with red peppers and cilantro

Salsa Verde Avocado – a hearty green salsa that blends chunks of avocado with a trifecta of peppers including tomatillo, poblano and jalapeno

Garden Fresh Gourmet is also releasing two new hummus lines, which include three salsa-inspired hummus that blend distinctively mild, medium and hot peppers with rich, creamy chickpeas; and a line of culinary bean hummus that pair different beans and lentils with specially-crafted toppings. The new varieties were inspired by consumers looking for unique, more flavorful hummus. The Garden Fresh Gourmet survey also revealed that 67% of Americans, including 78% of Millennials, like to mix things into their hummus; including vegetables, herbs and spicy condiments. The six new hummus varieties include:

Poblano Corn Hummus – roasted poblanos, corn and fresh cilantro make up this robust Latin inspired hummus with a mild level of spice

Chipotle Adobo Hummus – chipotle peppers blended with roasted red pepper and topped with corn and black beans give this hummus a Southwestern twist with a medium level of spice

Roasted Habanero Hummus – a simple and straightforward habanero and roasted pepper hummus designed for the heat enthusiast

Zesty Black Bean Hummus – a black bean hummus topped with corn, fire roasted peppers and a dash of chipotle for a subtle smoky note

Tuscan White Bean Hummus – a creamy blend of white bean and basil with a bruschetta-style tomato topping

Lentil Mocha Mole Hummus – coffee and cacao intertwined with lentils and topped with red chili flakes and a hazelnut sprinkle