Zone Labs, maker of anti-inflammatory nutritional products, has launched ZoneRx Bars, the first in its ZoneRx line.

ZoneRx Bars represent the next generation of anti-inflammatory nutrition products. In 1992, Zone Labs president Dr. Barry Sears, introduced the first high-protein nutrition bar, balanced with low glycemic carbohydrates to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Today, ZoneRx Bars support both blood and gut hormones using high-dose polyphenols. This same technology will extend to their other ZoneRx offerings.

Most "nutrition" bars on the market lack the appropriate balance of protein to carbohydrate to stabilize blood sugar and suppress hunger for at least three hours. To do both requires controlling hormones in the blood and the gut.

ZoneRx Bars use Controlled Release Nutrition®, a precise combination of protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and fat to help stabilize insulin levels, maintain peak mental alertness, while controlling satiety. Additionally, no other bar contains these same levels of polyphenols required for optimal hormonal control to maximize satiety.

Each ZoneRx Bar contains:

  • MaquiRx® and CacaoRx™ — These extracts provide 375 milligrams of polyphenols to help reduce inflammation in both the blood and gut.
  • 16 grams of protein — Balanced with low-glycemic carbohydrates, ZoneRx Bars help support stable blood sugar control.
  • Prebiotics — Improved appetite control and gut health support.

"The key to losing excess body fat is continual calorie restriction without hunger," Dr. Sears explains. "ZoneRx Bars makes it easier to restrict calories without hunger or fatigue."

Benefits of ZoneRx Bars

  • Ideal for weight loss: enables a feeling of fullness on fewer calories.
  • Ideal for athletes: stabilizes blood sugar levels that plummet during intense exercise.
  • Ideal for children: improves cognitive attention.