With the trend pointing upwards for fresh, quality products, Mission Foods, the Irving, Texas-based manufacturer of tortillas and tortilla-related products, has launched a new product. Consumers will now find fresh, ready-to-cook, organic flour and corn tortillas in the refrigerated section. Mission expects that these will appeal to general market consumers and Hispanic consumers looking for more natural, healthier food choices while also reinforcing the company’s reputation for quality and innovation.

“It’s a brave, different look for Mission,” says Simon Thorneycroft, founder/chief executive officer of Perspective: Branding, the San Francisco-based brand packaging design firm that helped with the new product launch. “The large, centered positioning of the very well-known and established Mission logo preserves strong brand equity, but the style of the illustration, background and typography is much more contemporary than their classic line and more typical of a small, boutique brand,” he adds.

While the top half of the plastic sleeve package is clear to showcase the freshness of the product, the bottom half provides a palette of vibrant color for a hand-drawn farm scene. The illustration features a plowed field, barn, windmill and a natural wood-like sign bearing the “organic” designation. The new products will be sold in the refrigerated section at retailers nationwide.