Bobbie, a new direct to consumer baby brand, announced its first product offering, a companion formula designed with the modern, mixed feeding parent in mind. Bobbie’s premium ingredients combined with a proven gold standard European recipe and the highest quality German manufacturing standards now gives Bay Area parents access to a formula they can feel good about, direct to their doorstep.
In a new survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 83% of moms use formula in the first year of their baby’s life and of those, 70% regularly complement breast milk with formula. These new insights reveal the truth around the societal push to exclusively breastfeed, that it is not a reality for the majority of modern moms in 2019. Bobbie’s goal is to help moms continue to breastfeed for as long as possible by offering a companion formula with the highest quality ingredients to nurture their baby, giving them peace of mind, and acknowledge the unique challenges of modern parenting.

New survey insights from moms who have had a baby in the last two years show the top three things parents seek in a baby formula is not additional ingredients, but fewer. The majority of moms cited no artificial ingredients, no GMO’s, and no syrups, like corn syrup, as the top three most important qualities when choosing a formula.
As a next generation brand, Bobbie seeks to call out the societal stigma against moms who formula feed and highlight the reality that most US moms use some formula. For the first time, new research shows the pressure and guilt that US moms feel around feeding, with 2 out of 3 moms saying they felt pressure to exclusively breastfeed longer than they wanted to and half of moms in the US saying they felt judged the first time they purchased formula.