Comax Flavors invites food and beverage formulators to try Cranberry Jalapeño as the “flavor of the month” for November. 

Sweet, tart and zesty cranberries fuse with fresh, bright green and mildly spicy jalapeños to create this bold new flavor. Moreover, this multi-purpose flavor can be used in a variety of applications including jams, jellies, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, savory entrees, seasoning, dressings, marinades, snacks, breads, crackers, baked goods, desserts and ice cream.

No matter what, both ingredients certainly have on-trend appeal. 

Crazy For Cranberry

Cranberries are native to North America and are a perennial crop grown commercially in man-made wetlands or bogs. According to Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, Americans consume nearly 400 million pounds of cranberries per year and 20% of them are consumed during Thanksgiving week. 

Almost entirely in the form of juice and juice blends, the U.S. consumes 2.3 pounds of cranberries per capita. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and high in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-aging properties.

Cranberries are known to help promote kidney, bladder, and urinary tract functions, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar as well as aid in digestion and weight loss. October is National Cranberry Month while National Cranberry Relish Day is celebrated annually on November 22 and National Eat a Cranberry Day is observed on November 23. 

Jalapeño Heats Up

Jalapeños are a type of chili pepper, which is a staple ingredient found in traditional Mexican cuisine. Jalapeño was named the official state pepper of Texas in 1995. 

Mildly spicy, the taste of green Jalapeños is described as “fresh, bright, and grassy with a slight bitterness.” This popular chili pepper can be prepared in a variety of ways such as raw, smoked, dried, fried, pickled, jellied, baked, stuffed or sautéed. 

According to Kalsec’s HeatSync® heat index, hot and spicy product launches have had a CAGR of 19% from 2007-2018. In addition, global product introductions with hot and spicy ingredients increased by over 9% from 2017-2018, more than doubling the CAGR from 2016-2017. 

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