Consumers have trusted Butterball for Thanksgiving turkey for more than 60 years—in fact 1 in every 3 turkeys on the Thanksgiving table is a Butterball. Not only does Butterball offer the highest quality turkey for holiday gatherings, but the brand will now offer a line of premium stuffing to complement any holiday meal.

Butterball Premium Stuffing comes in two flavors: Traditional Savory Herb and Cornbread with Turkey Sausage. Pre-packaged in an oven-ready tray, this stuffing offers made-from-scratch taste with none of the preparation or hassle—it goes straight from freezer to oven. Both flavors are prepared from Butterball’s classic homestyle recipe, combining hearty breadcrumbs, real turkey broth and classic ingredients like chopped celery, onions and butter or sausage.

Data collected from Thanksgiving celebrations around the country indicates that stuffing is the most universally prepared side at Thanksgiving and is most likely to be prepared by the host. With the generational shift happening in hosting in 2019, younger cooks are revealing an interest in alternative cooking methods for turkey, such as fryers, smokers and grilling, which indicates a need for a stuffing option that isn’t cooked inside a turkey. In 2018, 60% of cooks prepared stuffing outside the turkey, which was up from 53% in 2012.