Wine Water, Ltd.’s award-winning portfolio of O.Vine branded wine grape-infused waters are now available in full-size, 700ml bottles for the American beverage sector. They arrive alongside a burgeoning “Sober Curious” movement. 

The new, larger bottles of the startup’s exclusive non-alcoholic beverage will be launched in the US, at health food retailers, as a menu feature in high-end restaurants, hotels, and They stand to serve a growing American population of more discerning drinkers seeking alcohol-free beverages that still provide the flavor and social experience of alcoholic beverages. The startup will launch the new line at Natural Expo West, March 3-7, 2020 in Anaheim, North hall, booth #N413.

With the introduction of the new range of designer 700ml bottles, O.Vine sets its eyes on America’s social scene and business aviation sector. O.vine is a comprised of a unique concert of purified water and flavorful, antioxidant-rich upcycled wine grape skins and seeds.

The new beverage will also take to the sky, as the company recently sealed an arrangement with Air Culinaire to be featured on the company’s new lifestyle menu for its private jet service on the New-York, New Jersey route.

Wine Water currently serves its portfolio of single serve 350ml bottles designed to be enjoyed at home or social gathering They currently serve the upscale US food retail sector under a national marketing contract with UNFI, a world-leading natural food distributer.

O. Vine is available also in selected natural food stores as well as on Amazon.

Food Intelligence experts at Innova Market Insights report a growing global trend for moderating alcohol consumption. A recent Innova poll (US, UK, France, Germany, China, and Brazil) revealed that 1 in 4 consumers have cut down on their alcohol consumption in recent years in pursuit of healthier lifestyles. 
The Wall Street Journal reports of a slump in wine sales for the first time in 25 years as new substitutes enter the market. The Beverage Strategist points to an up and coming “Sober Curious” movement characterized by a new generation of consumers seeking novel beverage experiences with “healthier-for-you” attributes. Individuals who identify as “sober curious” are seeking to reduce alcohol consumption. The Dry January campaign has been attracting more year-on-year recruits opting to abstain from alcohol consumption throughout January in pursuit of a healthier and more moderate lifestyle.

“Sobriety is trending now in the US, with millennials in particular seeking value-added waters and beverages imbued with functional benefits. The younger generation are practicing more mindful drinking,” notes Bill Sipper, managing partner at Cascadia Managing Brands, O.Vine’s US Brand Management Company. “These segments still very much want the social experience but not the alcohol and are more than ready for innovative alternatives.”

Wine Water created its chic line of still and sparkling red and white wine grape infused waters, shaping a new category in alternative waters that sent waves across the food and beverage landscape. 
Unique to the O.Vine formula is that it is composed of upcycled fruit residue from the traditional winemaking process reusing the intrinsically polyphenol rich skins and seeds from the remains of a choice blend of wine grape varieties.

The result is a refreshing, wholly sustainable beverage that can be savored at a soirée or business lunch without any intoxicating effects, yet at the same time it delivers antioxidant benefits naturally present in wine grapes.  

The bottled, aromatic line of O.Vine infused water beverages are natural, non-alcoholic, clean-label, contain no preservatives, added colours, or sulfites, and their blush and cream tones are naturally drawn from the raw material of the wine grape pomace.