Bohana®, a snacking™ brand, known for its product offerings of the ancient Indian superfood–popped water lily seeds has announced two new flavor offerings of Zesty Ranch and Hickory BBQ, along with reimagined, resealable packaging for the product range.

To cater to the accelerating consumer base of Bohana, the two new flavors were carefully crafted to extend the product offerings based on customer feedback. Zesty Ranch is a bold blend of natural herbs and spices that puts a zesty twist to this classic favorite flavor. Hickory BBQ is a sweet & smokey combination that contains spice to bring tastebuds to life.

In addition to the new flavors, Bohana has released upgraded packaging which now includes a stand-up gusseted pouch with a resealable zip, providing a much higher quality protective barrier, allowing the snacks to stay fresher longer and be a mult-serving bag, perfect for a grab-and-go snack. 

Available now at and, customers can order  packs of six 2oz bags, starting at $29.99.